KDH projects have carried out work on this site and our sister site up in Hull. We use them for various jobs including electrical and white walling works (including ceiling replacements). All the work KDH have completed has been quality and to a good standard throughout. They are professional and competitive and have completed projects over the last 6 years within timescales and environments that I believe no one else could have completed.



Stuart Mayhew – Factory Manager Cranswick DeliCo

Can you pass on my thanks to the two gentlemen who did the breaking out and concreting yesterday in the sauce high risk. Very good job under difficult conditions. Left the place clean tidy and mess free. If every job was done like that by every contractor there would be no such thing as unhappy customers.

A massive thumbs up!!!

Charles Fish – New Covent Garden

With a significant rise in slips and claims within production areas it was decided that we needed to complete a technical specification of meeting British industry standards on slip tests of floor surfaces. We had 2 areas of floor to complete and invited two companies to complete works. Using KDH Foodcrete (polyurethane) and a Flow MMA product. We then used the areas for 90 days and completed slip tests. Foodcrete passed even when ingressed with debris and wet, it was odour free and slip free, The MMA failed unless it was clean and dry, it was extremely high in odour.

KDH and Foodcrete will be our 1st choice on Flooring

DeliCo, Milton Keynes

Bloody Hell what a cracking job!!

Tom Begg, Operations Director Dalehead Spalding

I wanted to drop you an email before people start to break up for Christmas, to thank both you, and your team for all their hard work and effort in delivering the Corridor Project.

We have, just over a week to go, to complete the remaining 2 areas, however, Tom, Stewart, Ewan and their teams, have all worked relentlessly, in order to hit the first milestone of opening the main link running through the building, and on time for the factories busy period.

This has not been an easy task, particularly given the logistical challenges they have had to deal with.

As you may be aware, the architects have been to site and successfully snagged the first area. They have reported back, and are happy with the quality and finish of work, which in itself demonstrates the achievements of ALL involved with the project.

I have been into the corridor area with the Operations manager, who is very happy. Next Thursday, I have to take the Meals Business Director into the areas to show him the progress, and I am confident that he will be pleased with the results, and level of finish that the guys are achieving.

I will endeavour to thank all the guys on site, however, please pass this message on to ALL involved with the project, as I am confident that we will complete the final stages as per plan.

Geoff Brereton, Project Engineering Manager Bakkavor Group