KDH Projects’ very own polyurethane resin floor system, Food-Crete™, is the only specialist flooring created specifically for the food industry.

Food-Crete™ provides an excellent hygienic flooring surface, together with high levels of resistance to impact and chemical attack, abrasion and other physical aggression. The low odour, non-tainting product – expertly laid by KDH – is suitable for all capacities, from small areas in need of repair to large floor areas.

Created by professionals, Food-Crete™ is suitable for all food production facilities, including food processing and preparation areas, brewing, dairy and baking areas, changing rooms, chillers and freezer stores, washrooms and tray wash areas.

Food-Crete™ can be laid in various thicknesses, depending on the function of the space. KDH staff give a one-to-one consultation on every job, ensuring the customer gets the best service possible. Food-Crete™ is available in a range of colours to suit your specific application