About KDH Projects

Working directly with the client, solely in the food industry gives KDH the edge over other construction companies. The company operates on a one-to-one basis with every client, maintaining the philosophy that good communication guarantees customer satisfaction. A large customer base of blue-chip companies has been built up through over ten years of dedication to the food industry. KDH are unbeaten on quality and value, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and future opportunities and recommendation for the company.

Welcome to KDH Projects
KDH prides itself on the employment regime; each member of staff is highly trained, hand selected and fully employed by the company. No work is sub-contracted out. The staff work in teams according to their specialist area: building, maintenance and refurbishment, flooring and drainage, refrigeration and cooling, white-walling, electrical and mechanics.

Each team is managed by a highly experienced project manager, teams can work individually on small projects or join together to create larger builds. KDH competitively take on projects ranging from £200 up to multi-million pound developments. KDH is advancing and expanding every year. This success is due to the company ethos, committed staff and KDH’s reputation of consistent hard work and dedication.