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KDH Projects is dedicated to providing a complete range of construction services to the food industry. Professionals in food facility builds and maintenance, KDH are a one-stop-shop for food production facilities of all sizes. In-house teams specialise in construction and maintenance, hygienic walling, flooring and drainage, cooling and ventilation, electrical and mechanical works. KDH complete all size jobs – large or small – to the highest possible standard. Over ten years experience in the food industry provides staff at KDH with the knowledge and skills to produce top quality work, within budget and on time.

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Latest KDH News

  • Perfect Install

    International distribution client required their service equipment upgrading with contant air through the area to remove heat load. These six pole fan units run quieter to remove the need for ear defenders in the area. Fantastic results, clients exceptionally pleased with this engineered value solution from Tim, Steve and Electrician Brad.

  • KDH Annual Fireworks Night

    A great fireworks night at KDH projects

  • New Western Sales Manager

    A new Sales Manager is the start of our Western expansion